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Online Copywriting Course

Copywriting training for freelancers & small business owners

Almost all marketing activity requires words. And the words you use can make the difference between turning readers into buyers or putting them off forever. 

But most freelancers and small business owners can’t afford to hire a copywriter every time they want to create a social media post or update their website copy or send an email to a prospect. And while there are some great templates out there, sometimes your copy needs that personal touch.

So what’s the answer?

Learn how to write your own copy. 

Copywriting is the most useful marketing skill you can learn as a small business owner. It’s a skill that can be applied to almost any marketing activity and any marketing channel. It helps you attract the right audience and then convert them into paying customers. 

Attract and convert your ideal clients

Copywriting is about far more than having a good grasp of language. You could be the most competent writer in the world, but if you don’t understand sales, how can you create compelling sales copy?

Write to Sell teaches you a combination of writing and selling techniques. It’s not about learning grammar rules or understanding the Oxford comma. It’s about teaching you how to win more of the customers you want. 

You’ll learn how to attract the right people, get them interested in what you offer, and inspire them to take action.

So if your current marketing activities arent’t getting you the results you want, this course is for you. 

What's included in Write to Sell?

This online copywriting course is delivered in four parts over four weeks. 

Each part includes short video lessons that will teach you valuable copywriting skills. You’ll then be given a series of tasks to complete so you can put the learning into practice. 

Week 1: Copywriting basics & planning for success

Part one of this course covers the copywriting fundamentals and the key considerations for planning your content.

  • What is good copy?
  • Common copywriting mistakes
  •  The 5 stages of copywriting
  • Building your brief – what you need to know
  • Understanding your customer – buyer motivations

Week 2: Writing for your reader

Part two focuses on writing your content – how will you ensure your copy inspires action?

  • Getting readers on board
  • Using emotion
  • Establishing trust and credibility
  • Objection handling
  • General writing tips
  • Copywriting formulas
  • Hooks, headlines and openers
  • Call to actions

Week 3: Perfecting your copy & maximising results

The editing stage is where your copy really starts, so it’s more likely to get results when it goes live. 

  • Turning we into you
  • Taking your copy from good to great
  • General editing tips
  • Proofreading 
  • Publishing your copy
  • Maximising results

Week 4: Writing for specific channels

The final part of this course focuses on how to apply your copywriting knowledge to specific channels.

  • Websites & landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Email

Pre-launch offer

Enrol before May 31st, and you’ll get Write to Sell for only £159 instead of £249. 

Plus, all UK customers who sign up before May 25th 2023 will receive a free workbook to keep all their course notes in. 

Write to Sell goes live on June 1st 2023, and will be full price at £249. Sign up by May 31st  and pay only £159 – a saving of £90. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. 

” Well, I don’t know where to start. This is your best course yet. You put fire in my belly and hope in my doubting mind. You have such a friendly manner about you and I never feel like you are treating the audience as if they are idiots. The length of each module I would say was mostly spot on and the tasks are a great way of solidifying what has been said. However, my notebook wants a word with you. It is now full of notes, diagrams and questions!”

Lorna, Copywriter

Is Write to Sell right for you?

Write to Sell started as an in-person workshop in 2017 and has been delivered to business owners and marketers from all sectors. During the lockdowns, we took this course online, delivering the content via Zoom. In 2023, we finally decided it was time to create a self-paced version of the course, making it more accessible and affordable for freelancers and small business owners. 

Write to Sell will teach you how to approach the copywriting process, how to write for your ideal clients, how to use tried and tested sales skills in your written materials, and how to get better results from your sales copy and marketing content.

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, you don’t have to understand marketing, and you don’t have to have any sales experience. This course will teach you the basics. 

What you do need is to be prepared to put the learning into practice. Write to Sell won’t teach you to be an expert copywriter in a day – that only comes through experience. So unless you are prepared to actually do the work, there’s no point buying this course.

Who is Write to Sell for?

This course is for you if:

  • You are a freelancer, coach, consultant or small business owner, and you do your own marketing
  • You can’t seem to get results from your marketing activities
  • You want to be more proactive in attracting the right type of clients
  • You have built a big following or community but can’t seem to convert your followers into customers
  • You are launching or relaunching a website, product, service or business and want to get better results
  • You are thinking about a career in copywriting but don’t have any copywriting experience
  • You are a junior marketer and need to improve your copywriting skills
  • You want to understand the basics of copywriting so you know what good copy looks like

About Make Your Copy Count

Make Your Copy Count Ltd was incorporated in January 2017 by Lisa, who had previously been trading as Lisa Slater Copywriting since 2014. 

Prior to the launch of Make Your Copy Count, Lisa had been focusing solely on “done for you” copywriting services, but had identified a real need for simple, practical copywriting and content marketing training. So as well as launching a new brand, she also launched two courses: Blogging for Business and Write to Sell. 

In 2019, Emily joined the team, supporting Lisa with social media and content creation for clients. Since 2020, we have moved away from offering done-for-you copywriting services, focusing more time on delivering high-quality training, consulting and mentoring services. However, we like to keep our skills fresh, so we still take on a few select clients who need our help with web copy and blogs. 

“Lisa’s knowledge as a copywriter is brilliant! Expect plenty of light-bulb moments and precious gems no business should be without.”

Jennie-Kate, Business Owner

“Lisa keeps everything so simple with so many useful tips and ideas. It all makes total sense without being overwhelming or over the top.”

Nadine, Marketing Manager

Pre-launch offer: Save £90

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