Helping you Make Your Copy Count

How do you know where to start when it comes to marketing? Do you do email, social media, SEO, ads, blogs, videos, podcasts? And what about your website? Should you invest in design and copy or should you do it yourself? 

First things first. Let’s get clarity over your messaging and objectives, then we can plan the next steps. 

My 90-minute consultations will help you focus on the right things so you don’t end up throwing money at the wrong things. 

"It's the most value-packed 90 mins you'll experience. Lisa helped me untangle my message, focus on one lead magnet, explained how to optimise my content, shared some winning formulas and fab ideas - honestly, it was mental just how much I went away with."

Louise Harman

Get Copy Confident in 14 Days

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Attract more of the clients you want

Are you a freelancer, coach, consultant or service provider? Are you tired of attracting the wrong clients, crappy clients or no clients at all? 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get the clients you want. You can charge the prices you deserve. And you can get paid upfront. I do it and I can teach you how to do it too. 

My 12-week programme is a combination of copywriting training, marketing advice and business mentoring. It’s completely tailored to you to play to your strengths and give you the skills and confidence to attract more of the clients you want. 

I only offer three places per month so I only take on people who are serious about improving their marketing and their business.  You’ll need to be prepared to invest time, money and effort if you want to get results. If you fit the bill, drop me an email at or message me over on LinkedIn.  

"Supportive, Engaging, Motivating, Encouraging and Delivering are five words that sum up my experience of working with Lisa. I signed up for Lisa’s 12 week course after searching for someone to support me and help drive business forward. From the very start I never questioned that decision. And, during this time I have learned how to write better copy, improve my marketing, increase my profits and boost my confidence. If you’re looking for similar support contact Lisa. You won’t regret it. ."

Peter Wood - Recruiter

Get Copy Confident in 14 Days

Sign up to my free, 14-part email course, packed full of tips, advice and practical tasks to help you Get Copy Confident.

A bit about me

I started my freelance copywriting career in 2014, leaving the “security” of full-time employment in 2016. By 2017, I’d started delivering copywriting workshops after realising “done for you” services weren’t right for everyone. 

When you’re a freelancer or small business owner doing your own marketing, copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn – after all, almost every type of marketing needs words. And that’s why I launched my 12-week programme – to give people the skills and confidence to attract and convert the clients they want.

But my mentoring programme involves so much more than just teaching you how to put words on a page. I teach you how to build a business that makes you happy using the same systems and processes I use in my business. 

Tips, info and advice about all things copy and content…

Video interviews about content marketing and copywriting…

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