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Your Personal Copywriting Consultant

When it comes to content marketing and copywriting, it’s not always obvious where to start. And if you aren’t an expert in marketing, you don’t want to fork out for something that isn’t going to work. 

Maybe you are building a new website and need help planning the copy? Perhaps you want ideas for content? Or maybe you’d like to learn a few copywriting techniques. With our copy consultation, you can use the time however you need – think of it like having a personal copywriting coach. 

Copy Consultation

90 minutes

Zoom call with Lisa

£120 (inc vat)

“I had a copy consultation with Lisa and was amazed at how much value was packed into the 90-minute call. It took Lisa no time at all to understand what I'm trying to achieve and she really helped me clarify my message. We covered a huge amount including website copy, marketing copy, social media content, blog content (and more) and Lisa had some amazing advice and tips on how to get the best results and make my copy count (and convert). I'll be booking another consultation soon. Lisa is simply magic.”
Louise Harman
Louise Harman Co

90-minute Copy Consultation

You can use your 90-minute copy consultation however you choose, but these are some of the things Lisa can help you with…

Website planning

The content is the most important part of your website, but often gets left until last. Lisa can help you plan your copy and build a brief that can be used by anyone involved in building your website to help you get the results you want. 

  • Plan your site map
  • Build a brief
  • Create a content list
  • Set objectives

Copy review

It never hurts to have a fresh perspective – someone to look over your copy and make suggestions for improvement. Lisa can review your copy with you, giving you tips, advice and guidance to help you make it as strong as possible.

  • Blogs/articles
  • Emails
  • White paper/eBook
  • Website copy 


Get some one-to-one training and support for yourself or a team member. Learn the basics of content marketing, how to write ads or some clever editing techniques to enhance your copy. Just let us know what you struggle with and we’ll put together some personalised training.

  • How to ‘do’ content marketing
  • How to write sales copy
  • Blog writing
  • Writing and editing techniques

Ideas & strategy

Sometimes being able to write isn’t the problem – it’s knowing what to write about or how to put ideas into a logical order. Lisa can help you plan your content and generate a bank of ideas for blog posts, social media posts, videos, emails, lead magnets or books. 

  • Make a content plan
  • Repurpose existing content 
  • Generate new content ideas
  • Plan the structure of a book
  • Create a content creation schedule

If you can’t see what you need above, don’t worry. You can use your 90 minutes for whatever you need relating to copywriting or content creation. And if 90 minutes isn’t enough, you can book additional sessions as and when you need them. 

Plus, if you don’t feel like you got value from your session, we’ll refund your fee. 

“When I work with you, you think of ALL my content holistically. You don't only help me with my blog, you help me with content for my newsletter, podcast, Facebook group, linked in, etc. It's really helpful the way you help me see it all fit together across my brand.”
Xina Gooding-Broderick
Mother of Abundance


Lisa Slater is the owner of Make Your Copy Count and carries out all copy consultations. She has been copywriting professionally since 2014, has diplomas in both feature writing and copywriting, and is the author of A-Z of Blogging. Lisa believes that too many companies make marketing seem way more complicated than it is. She wants to help small business owners understand how to maximise results even if they have limited resources. 

Absolutely. One of the reasons Lisa started offering this service was to help business owners understand what they need when it comes to marketing before they waste money on stuff they don’t need. 

If you are new to business, just can’t seem to get anywhere with your marketing, feel like you have been ripped off too many times or need to start focusing on your marketing more, Lisa can help. 

Yes! You can book as many as you need. Think of Lisa like a personal trainer, except she isn’t helping you get your body in shape, she’s helping you get your content in shape. Book as many sessions as you need, as often as you need them. 

The reason that we recommend video calling is so we can share your screen or ours if we need to. This makes it easier to review copy, share resources and deliver training. Plus it’s nice to see who you are talking to. 

If you really don’t want to use video, or you don’t have internet access, we can do a voice call, but it will limit what we can do in the 90 minutes. 

Our preferred video conferencing software is Zoom, but we can use Teams, Skype, Google Meet – whatever you prefer. 

While there are still restrictions in place due to COVID, we aren’t offering face-to-face consultations. 

An in-depth strategy planning session and a personalised content plan…

Online courses, live workshops or in-house training for your team…

Our monthly writing groups help keep your content on track…