About Us

We’d love to tell you that we’re superhuman-word-ninja-wizard-gurus with mind-blowing magic powers but we’re actually just normal people who happen to be very good at copywriting. Most importantly, we genuinely care about helping people get results from their marketing. So if you are thinking about trusting us with your copy, here’s who you’ll be working with…

Meet Lisa

Lisa started freelance copywriting in 2014 after gaining diplomas in Feature Writing and Copywriting. 

In 2017, she set up Make Your Copy Count Ltd and launched her training workshops. A year later, she published her first book, A-Z of Blogging. In 2021, she started mentoring freelancers, and in 2022, she published The Freelance Fairytale: How to Create Your Happy Ever After. 

Lisa takes care of the marketing and sales for Make Your Copy Count and delivers all our training, mentoring, and consultancy services.

Meet Emily

Emily started her copywriting career after completing her A-Levels. Her first project was writing product descriptions for a branded merchandise company. 

She soon turned her hand to website copy and blog posts, working on ad-hoc projects for Make Your Copy Count between 2017 and 2019.

In July 2019, Emily joined the team permanently, and as well as writing fantastic content for our clients, she creates some of our social media content too. 

Buy the Book

Despite the title, The Freelance Fairytale is not a fluffy bedtime story. It’s packed full of practical advice to help you create a business that makes you happy. 

Borrow my Brain

 Struggling to get the clients you want? Fallen out of love with freelancing? Book 90 minutes with me and get back on track to your happy ever after. 

Bespoke support

Tired of trying to slay the dragon alone? Want a business mentor who knows how to get you where you want to be? Let me help you create your happy ever after.