A little intro to Make Your Copy Count

Words are amazing.

Words have started wars and ended wars. They’ve made people laugh and brought them to tears. They’ve unified communities and torn them apart.

Words have the power to inspire, to motivate, to persuade.

Words can change the world.

Why is it then, that so many words are wasted? So many opportunities to communicate, just thrown away.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that I’m going to change the world and I’m not trying to. I write business websites and blogs, not life-altering speeches or philosophical masterpieces.

But the point is our words are important and the way they are used does make a difference.

Why does copy matter?

The copy on your website, your blog and your sales and marketing literature is a representation of your business. It speaks to your potential and existing customers. It lets people know what kind of organisation you are.

Copy is a reflection of your company.

The benefit of communicating through the written word is that you can edit it until it says exactly what you want it to say. You can rework it until it makes the points you want it to make. You can change it as many times as you like before anyone even reads it.

So why is it that so many businesses put so little effort into their copy?

Not every company produces great copy (or even mediocre copy). There are many reasons why but I think the main ones are:

Lack of time

Crafting well-written copy isn’t a quick job. It takes time to plan, research, write, edit and proofread. Many companies just don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to the task.

Lack of skills

Putting what you want to say down on paper isn’t always easy. Not everybody is good at writing, just like not everyone is good with numbers, not everyone can play the guitar and not everyone knows how to carry out brain surgery.

Lack of enthusiasm

Some people just hate writing; if you don’t enjoy doing something then you avoid it or spend as little time doing it as possible. That’s fine; if we all enjoyed the same thing, it would be a pretty boring world.

How we help

Not everyone has the time or the skills to write copy and not everyone enjoys writing as much as me and my team do.

And that’s what Make Your Copy Count is all about: helping you effectively communicate your message via the written word.

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