“What should I blog about?”

“What should I blog about?” It’s a question we hear a lot. In fact, many businesses don’t have a blog just because they don’t know what they should write about.

The simple answer is to blog about what people are interested in. How do you know what people are interested in? Listen to what they are talking about.

We aren’t referring to conversations you overhear on the bus about what someone has planned for tea. We’re talking about the things that your customers and potential customers are asking you about.


Industry news

You may think there is no point writing yet another blog post about the latest industry news. All your competitors are already blogging about that so why add yet another post about the same thing?

It’s easy to think that but consider all the radio stations, news channels and newspapers that cover the exact same stories. They all write about the same events, they all cover major news stories and they all have a share of listeners, viewers and readers.

Why? Because they all communicate news in a slightly different way. They might include their own assessments, get expert opinions or look at the story from an alternative perspective.

The same goes for blogging about your industry news. Your customers are interested in the way you approach it. Do you have a different take on it to your competitors? Can you add an expert opinion? Are you able to clearly explain what it means for your customers?

Blogging about industry news shows that your company is keeping up to date with new developments, significant changes and relevant information. This builds your credibility and helps you establish yourself as an expert in your business sector.


Tips and advice

Blogging is a form of content marketing and content marketing is about giving away valuable, helpful or entertaining content in order to build relationships.

You may think there isn’t any useful advice you can blog about that hasn’t already been covered elsewhere. What’s the point of compiling a list of top tips when your customers can just ask Google and read 100 other posts on the same subject?

It doesn’t matter whether everyone else has already written about it, the way you approach it will make it unique. Plus, if you blog regularly you’ll start to work your way up the search engines and, maybe one day, you’ll be the answer that comes up in that Google search.

On top of that, someone may stumble across your blog by accident and suddenly one more person will know about your brand and your services. That person could turn out to be your new best customer.


If you get asked the same questions over and over again then why not write blog posts that address those questions? FAQs are great topics for blog posts.

A hairdresser that gets asked which styling products are best could write a review post. A gardener getting asked regularly about how to grow tomatoes could create a step by step guide. If you sell insurance and frequently get asked about a specific clause in a policy then why not explain that clause in a way that people can understand?

You can address questions about your products and services too. What do customers ask you when you meet them? Do they have any particular concerns? What objections do they raise when it comes to buying from you? Could you address these issues in a blog post so that they understand the value in what you do?

Current events and seasonal posts

Celebrity weddings, political decisions, sporting events, fashion trends, reality TV shows; the things people talk about inspire some great blog posts.

Since the results of the EU referendum were announced, how many businesses have blogged about the effects of Brexit on their industry and how it will affect you as the consumer? If you can tie a current event to your business then this can be a great way of attracting new customers.

Seasonal blog posts work in the same way. For example, New Year is a perfect opportunity for diet and fitness companies to promote their services. The lead up to Valentines Day is an ideal time for a jeweller to give tips on picking an engagement ring.

Some events can’t be predicted but many are known in advance. Examples include the World Cup, Olympics, royal weddings, religious holidays, anniversaries and general elections. Plan in advance how you will use these events in your marketing.

What are you talking about?

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your blog, think about conversations you have in your business. It’s surprising how many potential subjects you come across each day. What are you talking about to your suppliers, customers and colleagues? What are they asking and what are you asking them?

Get started

Whether you already have a blog or are thinking about starting one, consider the following for better results:

Remember if it’s worth talking about then it’s worth blogging about.

Need some help?

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