Is your website copy out of date?

When was the last time you read through your website copy?

How long ago did you write that copy? A year, five years, ten?

Many businesses spend significant amounts of money on a brand-new website and then never look at it again. After all, you already know what your company does so why would you need to visit your own website?

You might get most of your business from other sources, but that could simply be because your website copy puts people off. Don’t forget, even people you meet face-to-face might go away and check out your website. Are they getting a consistent message about your company?

Here are a couple of easy ways, you can check your copy is up to date.


It’s not unusual for a business to diversify as it grows. You may have become more niche, stopped offering certain services or expanded your offering. Make sure your website showcases what you do. You could be attracting the wrong kind of clients or putting off potential clients because your services aren’t up to date.

Contact details

Hopefully, if you’ve had a change of address or telephone number you’ve updated your website, but if not, you could be losing business. Check your details are correct. It’s also worth checking that any enquiry forms still work and are set to go to the appropriate email address.

About you

When you wrote the copy for your website you may have been a team of three, but have you updated that as you have grown? If you have stated the size of your team make sure this is correct. If you have biographies on your site, make sure they are current. Check that the facts you have included in your about page are still true and relevant.

Here are some examples to look out for:

“We’ve been established for five years…”

What a wonderful thing to be able to say to your customers. You’re showing them that you have been able to set up a successful business and keep it running for five years. Problem is that information quickly goes out of date. If you haven’t updated it for five years, then you’re underselling your achievement.

Avoid stating the number of years you’ve been up and running. Instead, try saying “we’ve been established since 2014”. Your customers will be able to work out how many years you’ve been around and this will never go out of date.

“In 2012 we won an award for…”

This is a fantastic achievement and a great way to show your customers how successful you are.  However, if I’m reading about this in 2018, 2019 or even 2020, then it won’t seem as impressive. Haven’t you had any other notable achievements since? Are you still harping on about an award you received over five years ago? Is your company still even in business?

Instead of stating the year try saying “in our first year we won an award for…” or “within three years of starting our company, we were awarded…” or make sure you update your list of awards as you achieve more.

“We hold certifications in…”

Awarding bodies, certifications and industry regulations change and so do the relevant accreditations. The certificates and accreditations you had may have been relevant when you set up your website but are they still credible? Are you still certified?

Make sure you update your site if you change your certifications, your certifications cease to be relevant or you achieve higher accreditations. If you are registered and authorised by a specific body or you are a member of an industry organisation, then ensure that you update the details if their logos or names change.

Make Your Copy Count

Your website is important. If you want to generate more new customers, then make sure your website paints you in the best light. Read through your copy as if you were a customer. Would you get the right impression? Would you want to invest in you?

If you’d like to refresh your website copy, then we can help. We are specialists in creating high-quality website copy to match the tone of your business. Contact our professional copywriters to get started.

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