Should you start a blog?

“Should I start a blog?” It’s a question we get asked often.

At Make Your Copy Count, we love blogs. Blogs are a fantastic way of engaging with potential new customers. If done well they also help you:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Communicate with existing customers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate leads

Sound good?

We think so too, but before you rush off to start a blog, there are a few things you should know.

Blogging takes time

We’re not just talking about the time it takes to write it (and research and edit and proofread). We’re also talking about the time it takes to get results.

If only it were as simple as posting a couple of nicely written posts on your website and watching the pennies roll in.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. If you want to get results from your blog, you do have to have a little patience.

You need a plan

Maybe you have an idea for an amazing blog post; maybe you have two or three ideas. The more ideas you have when you start a blog the better, but you also need a plan.

How often do you want to blog? Who is your target audience? What do they want to read about? Where will you be sharing your blog? When will you make time to write and market your blog?

Without taking the time to put a basic strategy in place you might find that you run out of ideas, time or motivation and your poor blog gets neglected and forgotten about.

It’s a commitment

If you aren’t prepared to put the time into your blog to plan, write, edit and promote it, then you probably won’t have much success.

Don’t let this put you off. Content marketing provides many benefits. You just have to understand that you will need to make time in your schedule to focus on your blog.

There are other ways you can manage this. You can get different members of your team to take turns creating blog posts or outsource your blog to professional copywriters who will create engaging blogs for you.

So, should you start a blog?

At Make Your Copy Count, we’re definitely fans of blogging. Blogging can add value to your business if you give it the commitment it needs.

In order to help businesses get their blogs off to the best start, we’ve put together a one day Blogging for Business workshop. The day is designed to give you a strategy and the skills you need to implement it.

Of course, if you know you won’t have time to blog, don’t really enjoy blogging or would rather leave it to someone else then we can create engaging blogs for you.

Whatever you decide, Make Your Copy Count.

Happy Blogging!

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