Welcome to Blogging for Business


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Welcome to Blogging for Business.

Download and print your Blogging for Business workbook.

Your Video Lessons


To get the best from this course, watch the videos in order and take time to complete each task before moving on to the next.

Let's take a closer look at what content marketing is and how it works.

Start setting objectives for your blog and planning how to acheive them.

Understand who you are writing for and how to reach them.

Learn how to find ideas for your blog and add value for your readers.

Learn how to create stronger headlines to attract more readers.

Tips and advice on writing and structuring your post.

Editing and proofreading skills to enhance your blog posts.

Learn how to reach a bigger audience with your content.

Plan your next steps to maximise your blog success.

Course Slides


All the slides from each module.

Video Transcripts


All the full transcripts form the video lessons.