Text: U is for uniqueness

How do you make your blog stand out?

It can be hard to make your blog stand out. Those in niche markets often struggle to think of subjects to blog about, whereas those from saturated markets feel like there are no original topics left.

Creating a unique blog doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a unique idea. It just means you have to present your idea in a unique way.


Can you make your blog post unique by being controversial? Do you have a differing view to your competitors about a new industry development? Maybe you offer a totally honest and open narrative in a sector that is often under scrutiny or suspicion. Are you willing to discuss the issues that your competitors avoid, or address common myths or misconceptions about your industry?

Extra detail

Make posts about common topics stand out by providing extra details, additional advice or more in-depth analysis than your competitors. This may involve extra research but will give your readers a more comprehensive understanding of the subject and show that you care about providing useful content.

Personal opinion

Every business has a unique personality. Put some of your personality into your blog posts by offering your own personal opinions on a subject. Instead of sticking to a factual review, include your own experiences, real-world examples and stories.

Unique point of view

Offer a unique point of view on a subject. That could be your own point of view or an industry expert. If there is a change to legislation, interview someone who has been directly affected by the change. Get guest bloggers to write posts to give your readers a change. 

New research

Make your blog post unique by including new research findings. This could be research you have carried out yourself through interviews and surveys or someone else’s research presented in an original way.

Unique style

The tone of your blog posts could be what makes them unique. If your blog posts are more funny or entertaining than similar blogs in your industry, then you will attract more readers because you are offering something different.

Dare to be different

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, you can be creative with your blog. As long as the information is not misleading or defamatory, you can present it in a way that appeals to your target audience and makes you stand out.

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