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Make Your Social Media Count

Having great content is all well and good, but you need to be letting people know it’s there. So why not let us create awesome articles for you as well as the social media content to support them?

Quality content will attract more followers and increase your likes, shares and comments.

Social Boost Packages

Social posts & ads

With so much traffic on social media, how do you get your posts to stand out? 

We can create a selection of informative, promotional, engaging and entertaining posts that can be shared multiple times on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

And if you’re investing in paid ads, we’ll help you boost your conversion rate with convincing copy. 

Blogs & supporting posts

A good social media post will get a high level of engagement, but for a short amount of time – maybe a couple of hours, maybe a couple of days. A quality blog post can be shared over and over, getting engagement for weeks, months, and in some cases, years.

That’s why we recommend creating value-adding articles for your website, then social media posts to promote them.

More people will click on a link to valuable content, than a link that simply takes them to your website home page.


Video scripts

Video can be a great way to stand out on social media, but you’ll want to make sure your message is clear. 

We can create video scripts for live video, explainer videos or fun animations (like the one above). 

And if you’re struggling with ideas, we can help with that too. Plus, we can put you in touch with some fantastic videographers and animators if you need help with video creation. 

LinkedIn articles

If you’re active on LinkedIn, but don’t have time to create articles, let us take care of it. 

We can create engaging content on a regular basis or write a series of articles for your featured section. 

And if you have a blog section on your website, we can create two versions of an article – one for LinkedIn and then a more in-depth version for your website.

Get Started with Social Media Content

If you’ve only got a limited marketing budget, we recommend investing in quality content that can be easily shared across any social platform. Once you know which subjects get the most engagement, you can create videos, eBooks or other types of content.  

So, if your marketing objective is to improve your Social Media presence, then we’d love to hear from you so we can Make Your Copy Count.