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Make Your Sales Count

Ultimately, all our content packages are designed to win you more business, but they each do it in different ways. The right package for you depends on the nature of your business and how your audience buys.

Our Sales Boost is ideal if you have a specific product or service that you want to focus on. We create a series of emails that builds a relationship with your reader, guiding them towards making a purchase.

You may hear this referred to as a nurture sequence or a sales funnel. We don’t particularly like either phrase, but we love the concept.

It works particularly well if you:

  • Offer an entry-level product to attract new customers who may go on to sign up to higher-value packages
  • Have a target audience that will only buy your product or service once or very infrequently
  • Have a passive income product
  • Want to qualify leads before arranging lengthy consultations
  • Are launching a new product, service or event and want to generate interest in advance

Example Sales Funnel

Lead magnet

Attract potential customers by offering something of value, often referred to as a lead magnet (another term we aren’t a fan of). Your lead magnet might be a free download, information pack, eBook, or short training series.

You can include an advert for the lead magnet on your website, promote on social media, create a paid ad on Facebook or Google, and/or ask other people to promote it for you.


Landing Page

In order to receive the free content,  interested parties must enter an email address. You might hear this type of content referred to as ‘gated’ content. This requires a sign-up page/landing page convincing them that the freebie really is worth signing up for.  

Your email sequence can then be automated using a platform like MailChimpSendinblueGetResponse or one of the many other email automation platforms.

Email sequence

The first email thanks the reader for signing up, reiterates all the benefits of them reading the download and gives a little introduction to your company. They’ll then receive a series of follow up emails.

The number of emails and frequency they are sent will depend on the objectives of your campaign, the type of buyers you are targeting, and the action you want people to take.

Each email in your sales funnel will include value-adding content (maybe top tips, advice, resources, tools etc.) as well as some promotional copy. The sales pitch is not aggressive – the idea is to build trust and establish a relationship.

The final email in the sequence will usually have a stronger sales element, listing the benefits of your product or service and giving the reasons the reader should sign up. 


What happens next

By the end of the nurture sequence, readers will have become customers or not. In general, if someone hasn’t signed up for your offering or made a purchase after five or six emails, they probably aren’t going to – at least not at this stage. 

That doesn’t mean you have to drop them from your mailing list – if you send monthly newsletters, they can still receive these. If not, you might choose to send out a follow-up email every few months to keep your brand in the front of their mind. Just make sure there is an unsubscribe option and you aren’t bombarding people with spammy emails. 

The great thing about an automated sales funnel is that once it’s created, you don’t have to put much effort in at all.

And if one sequence generates 10 new customers per month, then it makes a Sales Boost package a very profitable investment.  

"Lisa knows how to take words and turn them into sales. When I put together landing pages, I get to measure the conversion rates of each page – how many of the pages turn into results. And the pages she writes perform significantly better than nearly all the other pages I have.”
Baz Baruah
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Why choose Make Your Copy Count?

A lot of people don’t like selling, but we love it. After all, if your product or service is good, why wouldn’t you want to shout about it?

But selling doesn’t mean sending out aggressive pitches, needy messages or impersonal communications.

We think it’s much better to add value first and then show people why they should work with you, rather than just tell them.

That’s why when we write your marketing and sales communications, we write for your customer, not you. We think about what would be of value to them, what they would want to know and what would convince them to invest in you.

If customers know you, like you, and most importantly, trust you, they are more likely to buy. So that’s the goal with all our nurture sequences – to help customers get to know you and make sure they like and trust you. When we achieve that, you make money.

So if you’d like to know more about how lead magnets and sales funnels can work for your business, get in touch. Let’s have a chat about what you offer, who you want to reach and how we can Make Your Copy Count.