Blogging Tip: Write first; edit later

When it comes to writing any kind of copy, you should always write first and edit later. Trying to edit as you go will slow you down and break your flow of ideas.

Nobody will ever read your first draft unless you show it to them so it doesn’t matter how badly written it is. Getting your ideas down is the most important part at the writing stage; you can worry about rewording it later. It doesn’t have to be perfect straight away.

If you try and get every sentence “perfect” as you write, you can end up spending hours writing a couple of paragraphs. When you look at the clock to find it’s taken you three hours to write 100 words you’ll probably lose heart and give up.

How you write is up to you. Some people like to start with bullet points then pad each one out. Other people like to write everything in one go and then go back and cut bits out and move sections around. Some people start in the middle and write the introduction last. There’s no right or wrong way. Once you’ve written a few posts you’ll find out what works best for you.

Where you write your first draft is also up to you. Some people still like using good old-fashioned pen and paper for the first draft before typing it up at a later stage. Some people type into a word document and then copy and paste into their website once they are happy with the finished post. Others type straight into their blogging platform, save it and go back to edit when they’ve had a break.

There are some people who can write a fantastic blog post in one sitting. Their posts don’t need much editing, just a couple of words changing here and there. Most people struggle to write exactly what they want to say on the first attempt and they require a little longer to edit their posts. Even some professional copywriters openly admit that they write some truly rubbish copy as a first draft. It doesn’t matter. It’s a first draft that nobody will see.

However you decide to write your posts, always leave time between writing and editing. Don’t worry if the first draft doesn’t work out.

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