Blogging Tip: Leave it overnight

One of our blogging tips, write first; edit later, explained why you shouldn’t try and write and edit a blog post at the same time. Concentrate on getting the main ideas and structure in place during the writing stage and perfect it later. We recommend that you leave at least a day between writing and editing.

The longer you leave between writing and editing, the better. It gives you chance to incubate your ideas and you’ll be going back to it with fresh eyes. You may think of additional points to include or ways to make your points more concise. You’ll also find it easier to spot spelling and punctuation errors.

As part of our Blogging for Business course, we recommend three stages of writing leaving a week between each. The first stage is the first draft;  just get something down on paper in its roughest form. A week later, revisit your first draft and edit it thoroughly. Cut unnecessary words and phrases, make your points more concise, ensure that the content matches whatever the headline promises, make sure that it flows logically and has a strong conclusion. Then leave your post again and return for a final proofread before sharing it.

To manage your blog posts in this way, it is important to have a plan in place. A content calendar is a great idea. You can plan topics for your blog posts and work back from the dates you want to post them so you know exactly when you need to start working on them.

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