Text reads: J is for journalism

Master journalistic skills to improve your blog

You don’t need formal qualifications or training to become a blogger but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need certain skills to be successful.

Just like a journalist writing for a newspaper or magazine, you must present information in a way that is interesting to your reader. Master these key journalistic skills to improve the quality of your blog.

Be able to generate ideas

A journalist has to be able to source news stories and ideas for features; similarly, you need to generate ideas for your blog posts. There are many types of blog format to choose from. Sometimes the format of your blog may dictate the subject whilst other times the subject will determine the format.

Conduct research

If you are blogging about a widely covered topic then you can set your blog post apart by going into more detail and offering more facts. This requires a little more effort at the research stage but will give your readers a better experience. You need to do research to ensure the information in your blog is accurate, especially if the subject is not one you are completely familiar with.

Interview effectively

You may not always need to interview for your blog post but, if you do, then it is worth taking time to learn effective interviewing techniques. This ensures you get the most from your interview so you can create a better blog post. Make sure that you present any quotes correctly. 

Report accurately

Providing incorrect information, misleading statements or false claims can be very damaging. At the very least, you look dishonest or uninformed. At the worst, you will incur legal action against you or your company. Depending on your industry, you may be breaching compliance regulations.

Write, edit & proofread

Whether you are writing for a newspaper, magazine or blog, you need to write clearly, edit effectively and proofread carefully. Having a good command of the language you are using is important. You should at least learn the basics of grammar and punctuation if you want to write quality blog posts. We recommend you leave gaps between the writing, editing and proofreading stages.

Create attention-grabbing headlines

Journalists use headlines to grab the attention of the audience. Whether the story or feature is for newspaper, magazine, radio or TV, the headline is important. Writing a strong headline for your blog post is equally important. When you share your post, you want to attract readers and a well-written headline helps you do that.

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