Square with text: G is for guest blogs

What are guest blogs?

Guest blogs are blog posts written by an outside source. It could be an industry expert, a specialist in your area or someone that offers complementary services to yours. For example, a web designer may ask a copywriter to provide a post on top tips for writing homepage copy. This is useful content for the web designer’s target audience and helps the copywriter promote their services.

A guest blog can be you creating a post for somebody else’s blog or inviting somebody else to write a post for your site.

Guest blogging is not the same as ghostwriting, content writing or copywriting where you pay someone to create content that will be attributed to you or your company. Guest blogs are attributed to the person writing them and usually include a link back to the author’s own site.

Benefits of guest blogging for another business

More exposure

Your blog will be seen by readers and subscribers of the company blog you are writing for. The company will also be sharing your post on their social media pages which will raise your online profile and attract more followers for you.

Establishes your credibility

If you are invited to guest blog for another company it shows you are considered an expert by that company. This helps you build credibility and brand awareness.

Creates inbound links 

Your guest blog will include a link back to your website. Quality backlinks are good for search engine optimisation and will also increase your traffic, especially if the blog you are writing for has a high readership.

Benefits of inviting someone to guest blog for you

Attract new visitors

If someone writes a post for you then chances are they will share that post on their social media pages which will bring new visitors to your site.

Provides a different viewpoint

By asking somebody else to write about a subject, you give your readers a new viewpoint. This helps keep your content fresh and interesting.

Associate your company with other experts

If the company guest blogging for you has a good reputation in their industry this helps you build credibility. It shows your readers and their readers that they are happy to be associated with your company.

Tips for guest blogging

Whether you are guest blogging for someone else or inviting someone to write for your blog, there are a few things to remember.

Be selective

Guest blogging for the sake of guest blogging is pointless. Not only is it a waste of your time, but it can also be detrimental. Linking to or from spammy sites or non-reputable companies is bad for SEO and your reputation.

Establish topic/length/style/format of post

If you are writing a post for someone else, ask if they have specific requirements for the topic, format or word count. It is also important to understand who their target audience is so you can make sure your content is relevant.

When asking someone else to guest blog for you, make sure you give them any requirements you have; set the expectations.

Agree on a deadline

If you are asked to guest blog, find out when you need to send the copy and ensure you meet this deadline. If the company has a publishing schedule and you don’t deliver on time, then you could damage your relationship with them. 


One of the benefits of guest blogging is it increases the online presence of both the company hosting the blog and the company writing the post. Once the post has been published, make sure you share it so that you reach more readers. Ensure the other company is also sharing the post so that you both benefit.

Guest blog for companies you trust

Guest blogging is an excellent way of getting exposure but make sure you only associate your business with businesses you trust. If you are approached about guest blogging, take time to research the company before you agree. Don’t guest blog for companies you don’t feel comfortable with and don’t post anything on your blog you aren’t happy with.

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