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10 Common freelancing mistakes

It is possible to create a freelance business that allows you to have the lifestyle you want. It just takes a bit of hard work. So if you are thinking of quitting the nine-to-five or you’ve recently made the leap into freelance life, here are 10 common mistakes to avoid.

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Are you cut out for freelance life?

It is possible to create your dream business, but it won’t happen overnight and it won’t always be easy. You’ll need to work hard, make tough choices, build your resilience and learn how to convert enquiries into clients.

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Blog header: How to have a holiday as a freelancer

How to take holidays as a freelancer

Think working for yourself means you can’t have “proper” holidays? It doesn’t. Being a freelancer should give you more freedom and flexibility – not less. Find out how you can take guilt-free time off.

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Are you working hard at the wrong things?

Working hard doesn’t mean working long hours. If you’re filling your time with the wrong type of work, you’ll be busy but not profitable. Work hard on the right things and you’ll have a much healthier work-life balance.

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7 reasons freelancers should prioritise exercise

It’s all too easy to bump exercise from the to-do list or leave it off altogether. But neglecting your fitness as a freelancer could be detrimental to your clients, not to mention your own wellbeing. Here are seven good reasons you should make exercise a priority.

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How to avoid the feast and famine cycle

The feast and famine cycle is not inevitable – you don’t have to suffer periods of overwhelm and stress followed by periods of anxiety and panic. If you get your marketing and sales processes right, you attract more of the clients you want and get paid what you’re worth.

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How to navigate the marketing minefield

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your product or service is; if nobody is buying it, you aren’t going to last very long in business. You need customers. And to get customers, you’ll need to do some kind of marketing. But marketing is a minefield. Everyone has an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do. So how on earth are you supposed to figure out where to invest time and money to get the best results?

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Are your emails putting off clients?

The great thing about email is it’s fast and it’s free, and almost everyone has an email address. But when it comes to sending business emails, are we too hasty at hitting send? Find out why your emails could be losing customers and how to stop this happening.

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How not to get ripped off by marketers

There’s always some new platform or technique popping up, which leaves business owners overwhelmed or confused. Not surprisingly, they turn to the experts for help. And when those experts don’t deliver, they feel disillusioned with it all. But here’s the thing – marketing isn’t actually as complex as it seems. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And you don’t have to get ripped off.

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Is hope killing your business

You can’t replace action with hope and wishes. Positive thinking is important, but it won’t make clients magically appear. In this article, we’re looking at why hope isn’t always a good thing when it comes to building a business.

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Stop kissing frogs. Start getting your ideal clients.

You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. Or so they say. But is this really the case in business? Do you have to put up with less than desirable prospects in the hope some of them will turn into your dream clients? Not if you get your marketing right.

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Is marketing all about luck?

Marketing is a funny thing. There’s no one size fits all process. No fool-proof strategy. No guarantees. What works amazingly well for one person can be a complete waste of time, money and effort for another. So does it all come down to luck? And if so, how can you improve your chances of getting lucky?

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The truth about marketing

Everywhere you look, there seems to be someone selling the key to marketing success. The problem is there is no key – one size does not fit all. But there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting the clients you want.

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How to get your content seen

Do you spend ages creating content, only to get a handful of views? Wouldn’t it be nice if all that effort actually resulted in leads, or even better, sales? This article is all about getting your content seen.

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What’s wrong with your website?

There are two reasons that your website doesn’t win you business. Either you aren’t getting anyone to your website or you aren’t converting visitors into customers. This article helps you understand how to do both.

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