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What Is A Marketing Mentor (And Do You Need One)?

Not every business can afford to hire a huge marketing team or outsource all their marketing to agencies and freelancers. But doing your own marketing when you’re not a marketer can be tough. So what do you do? How can you get the support you need without having to commit to long-term investment? Is a marketing mentor the answer?

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Social Media Content Ideas: How to Post with Purpose

Using social media to generate leads isn’t as simple as sticking an ad on your company page once a month. You need a strategy and a clear goal. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start sharing your content and building a following. But what on earth should you be sharing and how do you come up with ideas? 

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Marketing Advice You Should Ignore (And Some You Should Listen To)

Before you rush off to follow some generic marketing advice you’ve seen online, do a bit of research into the person giving it – are they the right person to take advice from? And is that advice actually worth listening to? Or are they leading you in the wrong direction? Let’s take a look at some of the worst marketing tips I see being regurgitated.

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10 Rubbish Excuses For Not Having a Blog

Are you making excuses not to blog? Maybe you aren’t really sure what a blog is or how to write one. Perhaps you’re worried nobody will read it – or maybe you’re scared that people will. In this post, we look at 10 common excuses and how to overcome them.

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Overcome Your Content Creation Procrastination

There’s always a reason you didn’t get around to creating that content. A call, an email, an urgent meeting. A client needing your attention, work that you had to finish first. But when it comes down to it, what’s really stopping you and how can you overcome it?

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Are Your Emails Putting Off Clients?

The great thing about email is it’s fast and it’s free, and almost everyone has an email address. But when it comes to sending business emails, are we too hasty at hitting send? Find out why your emails could be losing customers and how to stop this happening.

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Is Video Content Better Than Written Content?

Is Video Content Better than Written Content? There’s no denying that video is a popular marketing tool. It’s now easier than ever before to create and share videos. As a result, more and more businesses are being persuaded to ‘do video’. You only have to

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