Don’t send your readers to sleep with boring content

The last thing you want to do is send your readers to sleep with dull, boring and uninteresting content. Create blog posts that engage readers by making your posts useful, entertaining or interesting.

Always remember that your blog represents your company. Do you want to be known as boring? Do you want readers to think you haven’t put any effort into your blog? Are you happy with just posting out any old rubbish on your blog?

If you want blog posts that engage readers then you need to put a bit of effort in. Choose the right subjects, do thorough research, write well, edit effectively and proofread before publishing.

How to create blog posts that engage readers

Understand your target audience

We cannot make this point often enough. Whenever you create any sales, marketing or advertising materials, the first thing you need to do is identify your target audience. if you don’t know who you are trying to reach, how do you know what will interest them, where to find them, or how to engage them?

Choose relevant subjects

Once you know who you are writing for it makes it easier to choose subjects. What is your target audience interested in? What problems do they need solving? 

Think about how much knowledge they already have. Are you targeting beginners or are you writing to people who already have a good knowledge of your industry? 

Create unique content

Don’t just rewrite the exact same posts that have been written a hundred times before. That doesn’t mean don’t cover the same subjects, it just means do it in a different way. Make your post stand out from your competitors. Add extra detail, put a different spin on it, add some of your own personality.

Don’t use boring, repetitive language

Even if the subject is boring the way you write about it doesn’t have to be. Don’t just waffle on and on; put some passion behind your blog. Add examples, stories, statistics, testimonials or case studies to make your copy more interesting and relevant.

Simply saying “you should do this” without explaining why or giving examples of where it has worked won’t make your blog post very useful to the reader.

Minimise industry jargon and clichés.

Choose the right format

The format of your blog can help you present your information in an interesting way. If there is a new development in your industry you can approach it in different ways. You could write it as a news story, do an interview with an expert on the subject, collate opinions from those affected or do a prediction on what it will mean for your clients.

Take time planning the layout

Don’t just write a load of copy and stick it on a page. Think about the layout of your blog post. What sub-headings will you include? Are you going to use images, graphics or video? How will you link you post to other posts or pages on your site? How your blog post is presented can attract the reader or put them off before they even read a word.

Be interested

It helps if you are interested in the subject you are writing about yourself as this will come across in your blog post. Think about why you are writing your blog. Do you want to help your clients? Have you got useful information to share? Do you want to entertain people? If you have a purpose behind you post it makes it more enjoyable to write.

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