Text~: V is for video

Why add videos to your blog?

Including video in your blog is a great way of making your blog stand out. Videos are brilliant for sharing on social media and they engage a bigger audience than text-only posts. Blogs containing video content generate more backlinks than those without so they can help with your SEO too.

You can do video only blogs (vlogs) to post on a video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo or to share on your website. However, combining video and text, as we have in this post, provides more benefits than just using text or video alone.

Having both video and text means you cater to a bigger audience. You appeal to people who find it easier to take information in from watching and listening as well as people who take information in through reading. 

You don’t have to include a video with every blog post but adding a video every now and then keeps your blog fresh and interesting.

Ideas for video content  


If you have conducted a presentation, workshop or training course, then why not repurpose the slides by turning them into a video presentation. SlideShare is a hosting service owned by LinkedIn designed for sharing presentations.

You can use PowerPoint to turn your presentations into a video by adding a voiceover to your slides. This can then be uploaded to YouTube or other similar video sharing platforms.

To turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video, open the file, click on ‘Slide Show’ and then click on ‘Record Slide Show’ and start recording your video.

Save your completed video and upload it to YouTube. You can then embed the video into your blog.


Interviews make good videos. It can be useful to let the interviewee know the questions in advance if they are not used to being filmed. This allows them to prepare answers so there aren’t long pauses and they give more structured answers.

Case studies

Showing before and after footage or time-lapse videos of your projects is a fantastic way of showcasing your services. Lapse It is a mobile app specifically for creating time-lapse videos on your mobile phone.

How to

Explainer videos are very popular. Show your client or customers how to do something or how to use something in a step by step video.


Videos showing you using products and reviewing them as you go makes your reviews stand out. Customers can see the results for themselves so they get a more comprehensive view of the product.

Top tips

Create short, snappy videos sharing your top tips on a particular subject.


Video testimonials can be created to add weight to claims about a particular product or service you offer. They show that you are credible.


You can use video for promoting your services. These can be live action or animated. Check out our promo vids below.

Creating videos


Creating a video doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Most mobile phones and smart devices have a built-in camera allowing you to make basic videos. You can purchase tripods and microphones for a small cost to enhance your mobile videos.

Built-in webcams on laptops, Macs and PCs are another option. These are great if you are just creating a short video where you are talking directly to the camera.

Most digital cameras also have a video option and depending on the quality of your camera, you can create a high-resolution or HD videos. Again, you can buy tripods, microphones and other accessories to improve your video.

Go-pro cameras are great for filming active videos; running, cycling, climbing, skiing etc.

If you want a professionally filmed video then we can recommend some excellent videographers and production companies depending on whether you want live video, studio shot footage or animated video. 


There are hundreds of options for video editing software, some free and some paid depending on what level of editing you need. Here are just some of the popular options available:

Almost all of these offer a free version or a free trial so you can test them out before deciding which to go with. 

If you would prefer to get your videos filmed and edited by a professional videographer or production company then we can recommend some exceptional companies. 

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